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The WordMasters Challenge™ is a vocabulary competition based on completing analogies. Meets are held right in your own school three times per year. Report your scores to compete with public and private schools throughout the country.
Challenge Meet #1 Word Lists Available Online 10/1/16
Challenge Meet #1 Tests Available Online 11/11/16
Challenge Meet #1 Tests Administered   11/14/16 - 12/2/16
Challenge Meet #1 Score Reporting Deadline 12/09/16
Challenge Meet #1 Results Available  12/23/16  
Challenge Meet #2 Word Lists Available Online  12/5/16
Challenge Meet #2 Tests Available Online 2/3/17
Challenge Meet #2 Tests Administered 2/6/17 - 2/24/17
Challenge Meet #2 Score Reporting Deadline 3/3/17 
Challenge Meet #2 Results Available  3/17/17  
Challenge Meet #3 Word Lists Available Online 2/27/17
Challenge Meet #3 Tests Available Online 4/7/17
Challenge Meet #3 Tests Administered  4/10/17 - 4/28/17
Challenge Meet #3 Score Reporting Deadline 5/5/17
Challenge Meet #3 Results Available 5/12/17  
Cumulative Champions Announced         5/12/17
3rd through 5th grade GT students have individual logons for Spelling City / Vocabulary City.  This is to be used as a study tool in order to prepare for the WordMasters Challenges.  Students should practice word definitions, synonyms, and antonyms, as well as be familiar with how the word might be used in a sentence.