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Hi Parents and Students! Welcome to my classroom page. I teach Writing and Reading in 4th Grade. On my web page you will find information about our daily schedule and helpful links.
Although I will post updates about events in the classroom here, I use ClassDojo has my primary way to communicate with our parents. Please make sure you have access to ClassDojo to see daily updates and most accurate information about events and happenings at Copeland Elementary.
Mrs. Mourning

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What We Are Learning This Week

Week 2/13 - 2/17
In Reading we are continuing to compare and analyzing different genres and texts.
In Writing we are continuing to write expository essays and now focusing on developing our ideas, in addition to composing an introduction with a clear central idea and using paragraphs to organize our ideas.
The Spelling focus is comparing the Doubling Rule to the Dropping Rule.
Other News:
  • Valentine's Day part on Tuesday @1
  • Mrs. Mourning is out all day on Monday and Wednesday
  • Checkpoints given on Monday and Thursday

Grading Rubric

Most assignments (not ALL) are graded on how well the student understood a skill, or standard. Below explains the 0-4 rating they receive on various parts of their assignments.

Student shows a thorough understanding of standard. Little, if any, teacher support is needed.


Students shows a general understanding of the standard. Minor teacher assistance is needed.


Students shows a minimal understanding of the standard. Significant teacher redirection is needed.


Student’s work is too confusing, incorrect or incomplete to determine understanding.


Student did not turn in work or did not attempt the task.


To convert a score of 0-4 to a letter grade, I add up the total possible score and divide it with the total points the student received on a given assignment. 
Students are given the opportunity to re-work any skill they score less than a 4 on, to increase their understanding. All work must be turned in and re-worked by the 4th day before the grading period ends.
All assignments will assess students on multiple skills, or standards. Not all standards will be scored, nor are all standards new ones for 4th grade.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about any work that is sent home or grades you see on the parent portal.

Week of January 30th - February 3rd
Wow! The days go by fast around here! This week in Reading we are finishing up our informational text unit by comparing non-fiction texts with each other. Students are working independently to complete several assignments.
In Writing we are taking our time writing another expository, one paragraph a day. Every evening I read their new paragraph, give feedback and return it to them the next day. Our focus is paragraph form, supporting the central idea and fully developing our ideas.
We are on Unit 19 in Spelling, use se or ce to spell the final /s/ sound.
Other News:
  • I am continually updating the grade book. Please check your parent portal daily to check in on your child's grades.
  • Progress reports go out next week.
  • Reading daily and talking about what they are reading will greatly improve your child's academic success.
Week of January 23 - 26th
Reading: Comparing non fiction texts, along with summarizing, stating main idea and making inferences.
Writing: Continuing with expository writing. We will now begin writing one expository paper a week as well as brainstorming from multiple prompts.
Grammar: Review of complete sentences and paragraph structure.
Spelling: Unit 17 /z/ sound
Other News:
I am out for writing training on Tuesday, all day.
Make it a great week!

Week of January 9th - January 13th

This week in Reading we are analyzing the differences and similarities of a Historical Fiction play and a nonfiction video about the American Revolution.
In Writing we are continuing to analyze what makes an expository paper a "4" score and revising and editing our own expository STAAR practice.
Our Spelling focus this week is the /oi/ and /ou/ sounds spelled with oi, ou, ow, and oy.
The students are continuing to work on Google Classroom assignments and if they want to do this at home, they can.

Other News:

  • Awards are at 1pm on Friday, right after our lunch. IF your child is receiving an award of any kind, RSVP's were sent home and must be returned by tomorrow (Tuesday) to get a tag pre-printed.
  • Please return Report Card envelope.
Have a terrific week!
Mrs. Mourning
Good Tuesday that's feels like a Monday!
This week in Reading we are beginning our unit about Literary Non-Fiction. This week we start off easy by discovering what it is and the characteristics the genre has.
In Writing we are continuing our Expository (nonfiction) unit. We started out with a new activity "Slice of Life" which is a free writing session (THEY LOVED IT) and will use the rest of the week to analyze our middle of the year writing assessment. We will begin to focus on what makes the difference between an essay scored as a 1 verses 2 or 4.
This week the spelling rule is the "Doubling Rule" and the students were given homework to work on separating out the base word and suffix for the words we will practice with this week.
This semester we will begin working with mentor passages (instead of sentences) to understand how the English language is written. Our focus this week is on irregular verbs.
Other Important News:
  • Semester 1 Report cards will be sent home on Friday and if your child is receiving recognition on Awards day, a note will also be attached to the report card.
  • Character Trait for January is Confidence
  • Don't forget to initial the dojo charts daily! This is my primary communication with you!

I am so happy to be back in the classroom with my Huffman "kids" and look forward to the next couple of weeks. So many good things are happening in the classroom!
Happy Week!
Mrs. Mourning
This week, November 28th - December 2nd:
in Reading we are continue to analyze different text structures, receiving notes on them and justifying using evidence from text.
in Writing we are experimenting with different ways to hook our reader. Expository writing doesn't have to be boring!!!
the Spelling pattern this week is spelling the /er/ sound with or, er or irregular spellings.
in Grammar, our mentor sentence is Today we can watch our favorite movies on a big screen, at home, or even on our phones.

What else??

  • Santa Pictures on Tuesday - permission slip required
  • DIBELS testing (reading comprehension assessment)
  • Choir performance at 7 on Thursday
  • Google Classroom assignments begin

What We Are Learning This Week

10/24 - 10/28
In Reading we are continue to analyze non-fiction texts. This week's focus is identifying and summarizing the main idea.
In Writing we are completing our first final copy of our Personal Narrative story. Towards the end of the week, we will look at what an Expository essay looks like.
In Spelling we are focusing on the long /o/ sound and when to use o-e, o or ow to spell it.
Our Grammar focus is on using transitional words or phrases to show time order and pacing in our essay. We will continue working on writing in complete sentences.

What Else???

  • Red Ribbon Activities this week
  • Last week of our Read-A-Thon. If you haven't signed your child up with the code, this is the last chance to do it!!! They get to pick out their own prize for participating.
  • The High School Theater students are making a presentation on Friday during Specials.
  • Homework Assignment has been given. Handed out Monday, Due Monday, October 31st. No exceptions.

Our READ-A-THON has begun!!!!!!

Flyers are going home Tuesday and Wednesday. PLEASE create your child's page by following the directions at the bottom of the flyer. It's SUPER simple and I am offering incentives for students participation on top of the prize they get just for creating their page.
This will be a fun and challenging way to raise money for more books. We are also being challenged as a class with a party!!!!



What We Are Learning This Week
10/10 - 10/14
In Reading we are comparing a biography "Malala the Powerful" to a poem "In Darkest Hours" while reviewing main idea, vocabulary in context and inference.
In Writing we will be revising and editing our personal narrative papers.
In Spelling we are focusing on the long /i/ sound spelled with i, y or i-consonant-silent e
Our grammar focus is on quotation marks and review of compound sentences.
Our Character Trait for October is Self-Discipline
What We Are Learning This Week
10/4 - 10/7
In Reading we are analyzing the stage directions to understand the significance they have on understanding the plot, theme and character development when reading dramatic literature.
In Writing we are beginning our unit on Personal Narrative by developing drafts of personal experiences.
In Spelling we are focusing on the long /e/ sound and when to use y, ee, e-e or e to spell it.
Our Grammar focus is on compound subjects and compound predicates and how to combine simple sentences.
We have 2 checkpoints this week. Any checkpoint missed due to absences will have to made up.

What we are learning this week..

Week of 9/26 - 9/30
Reading: Structures and Elements of Drama - recognize, define, create
Writing: Imaginative Stories and Personal Narrative - brainstorming, drafting and the beginnings of revising process
Spelling: Unit 5, the long /a/ sound in the initial, medial and final position

What We Are Learning This Week

This week we are learning about elements and structures of poetry, reviewing theme and writing poems.
The spelling pattern for this week is learning when to use ck, k or c to spell the final /k/ sound.

Daily Folders

Daily Folders have been sent home today with papers for you to review and/or sign and return to me.
Please make sure you look in your child's folder each day for any notes we may have sent home and for information about their schedule.
I will send home both non-graded work and graded work. Graded work will go home on Tuesday. I will let you know when graded work is going home for the first time.

This week we are working on creating our Social Contract, which will serve as a foundation for expected and desired behavior in and around the classroom. We will send more information about how that works with ClassDojo next week. Please sign up for ClassDojo if you haven’t already. I will begin posting photos of the students working on the story line soon. ClassDojo works on a smartphone or PC.

Hat's off to a great start!

Mrs. Mourning

Meet the Teacher Night

August 18th, Thursday

6 p.m. to 7 p.m

I am in room 106 and to find it, turn right when you walk thru the front doors. My room is in the last hallway in the building.
Your Math, Science and Social Studies teacher is Ms. Duncan. Please be sure to stop by her room too!