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Recent Posts

Unit 6 Scientific Spelling

Scientific Spelling: Unit 6 Spelling Words

The English language is made up of many related words.  These words are related in meaning and similar in spelling, but the words have different pronunciation because the vowel sound is different between the two words:

Example: In the two words, legal and legality, the sound of the ‘a’ changes.

There will be a spelling test over the following words on Friday, October 20th, 2017:

  1. sign    6. decision                           
  2. signal 7. crime                                
  3. judge  8. criminal               
  4. judicial 9. revise                                
  5. decide 10. revision              

Unit 5 Scientific Spelling

Scientific Spelling: Unit 5 Spelling Words

This week we are focusing on the “Changing Rule”.

Follow these criteria when deciding whether or not to use the Changing Rule:

  1. The base word must have one consonant before the final y
  2. The suffix cannot start with an “I”

Example:    happy + ness = happiness


There will be a spelling test over the following words on Friday, October 13, 2017:

  1. babies            6. friendlier                                   
  2. prettiest          7. puppies                                   
  3. happiest          8. applied                       
  4. tiniest              9. supplier                                   
  5. married          10. stories